Openhartig - Private Time

Openhartig - Private Time

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Do you completely expose yourself to your loved one or do you really share everything with your loved one? How open-hearted are you towards each other and does that also apply to very sensitive subjects? Be surprised by the most diverse questions and assignments that can be discussed in a playful way.

This box contains more than 100 questions and assignments for sharing sensitive matters, intimate moments, soul longings and future thoughts.

You take turns drawing a card with a question or assignment such as:
• How are you complementary to each other?
• Close your eyes and describe as accurately as possible some typical spots on your partner's body by which you will always recognize him or her.
• Do you ever have a perverse thought that you would rather push far away? Do you dare to share it?
• If you were allowed to direct your own funeral, what would it look like?

These and many other questions and assignments will provide revealing answers, intimate moments, serious thoughts, sexy discoveries and above all, lots of fun together!

This challenging game is for couples and can be played anywhere. Play Frank Private Time together with attention to each other!