NEW AT HOOGSTINS - A Year Full of Books!

Books Subscriptions

A year full of books - Let us surprise you!

At Hoogstins you are of course used to getting good book tips. But to make life even easier, we now also offer a personalized book subscription. You will receive a number of books each year, tailored to your interests.


3 books
6 books
12 books
€ 90,-
€ 180,-
€ 150,-
€ 300,-
Children's books
€ 125,-
€ 250,-


For this we would like to get some information from you:

* Which books that you have read recently appealed to you
   within the package you want?
* Is there a particular genre you don't like?

Send an e-mail with your wishes to
If you prefer to communicate about this by phone, please email us your number.
We will contact you as soon as possible.

Also nice to give as a gift!

(At this moment the book subscriptions are only available for books in the dutch language)