Expose the werewolves (English/Dutch)
Expose the werewolves (English/Dutch)
Expose the werewolves (English/Dutch)

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Expose the werewolves (English/Dutch)

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Expose the werewolves (English/Dutch)

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Recently, the village of Kalisburgh has been plagued by werewolves. If they want to live to tell the tale, the villagers will have to unite and eradicate this grisly infestation! Will you expose the werewolves? The game works with a game leader. Each player is assigned a role. They can be ordinary citizens and werewolves, or they can be special characters such as the barber, the seer or the archer. Each character does something special.
Unmask the Werewolves is an ideal game for children's parties, camping events and basically all those times when you are with a lot of people. Especially if you manage to create a mysterious atmosphere with candles or a campfire, success is guaranteed.

Expose the Werewolves includes new roles and game rules for a variant in which the game leader does not reveal the identity of eliminated players.

Contents: 40 cards and game rules (English and Dutch)

Game duration: 45 minutes
Game type: strategic
Minimum age: 10
Number of players: 8 - 18
Exciting party game
Suitable for large groups