Shit Happens Card Game English Edition
Shit Happens Card Game English Edition


Shit Happens Card Game English Edition

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Shit Happens Card Game English Edition

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Shit Happens: Assess miserable situations and score points!

Sometimes you have those days when everything goes against you. At moments like that you are already miserable, but we can tell you: it can be much worse! In Shit Happens you will have to rank all kinds of undesirable situations based on a 'Misery Index'.
The game can be played with a group of 2 to 12 players.
Each player receives three Shit Happens cards at the beginning of the game. You place these open in front of you, arranging the cards according to the number of the "Misery Index. Taking turns, players are presented with a situation from their neighbor. Make the correct guess as to where this card should be placed among your cards. The player who first has 10 cards in front of him or her wins the game!

200 shit happens cards
the rules
Age: 18 years and up
Number of players: 2 and up