Black Stories Real Crime Edition - 50 Jet Black Riddles

Black Stories Real Crime Edition - 50 Jet Black Riddles

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They are unfathomable. They are morbid. They are… Black Stories! 50 brand new and jet-black riddle stories make the blood in your veins coagulate.

The worst thing about this Real Crime Edition: these stories are real. Whether it's a violent murder, a tragic accident or a macabre death, they all happened, exactly as described!

The principle of Black Stories is very simple. The Riddle Master reads aloud the situation on the front of the card. On the back is the solution, which the Riddle Master keeps to himself. As real detectives, players will try to find out what the answer could be to the mysterious, scary or exciting riddle on the card! The players ask questions to get closer to solving the mysterious crime. Now the biggest challenge! The Riddle Master can only answer the players' questions with 'yes' or' no '.

This game is in Dutch.

- Content: 50 cards, Dutch
- 12-99 years, from 2 players, 2-222 min
- Dimensions: 9.8 x 13.9 x 2.7 cm