Pick A Pen: Tuinen
Pick A Pen: Tuinen
Pick A Pen: Tuinen

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Pick A Pen: Tuinen

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Pick A Pen: Tuinen

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Pick-a-Pen: Tuinen is available in English and Dutch. It is a game from the Pick-a-Pen series, a new generation of innovative "Roll & Write" games, which literally involves rolling with pencils. This allows for many different game dynamics with the same playing material. But in each game, the focus is on coloring fields. Will you score the most points in the process?

In Tuinen you fill gardens with a single color or just 5 different ones. Put in appropriate flowers and trees, scoring the most points!

You each have a score sheet of the same level, on which you color framed gardens. The starting player first rolls all the pencils, each of which has a different color. On their sides are different numbers. These show how many squares you may color in that color on your score sheet.

On your turn, you choose a pencil and color in the number of squares indicated. These must be adjacent to each other, as well as to previous colored-in groups. This way you try to fill each garden with 1 color or just 5 different colors. If you succeed, you may color in bonus points on your sheet. The game ends when one of the players has completely filled in all of his gardens or has failed to color 5 times.

1 score pad with score sheets of 3 levels
5 colored pencils
Game rules in Dutch and English
Game duration: 30 minutes
Number of players: 2 to 4
Minimum age: 9