RotPot - Bubbels
RotPot - Bubbels
RotPot - Bubbels


RotPot - Bubbels

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To make fermenting at home even easier, Sanne van Keukenboeren has developed the RotPot. With the RotPot you can make the tastiest products with few resources as a real home laboratory worker. After the sauerkraut and kimchi variety with which you can ferment vegetables, there is now the first beverage version: RotPot Bubbels.

Make apple bubbles with the RotPot

Allowing apple to ferment with spices it will create a fresh, slightly fizzy drink. Due to the short fermentation period, the bubbles contain little alcohol and is a great alternative to wine or champagne.

 We mainly know liquid fermentations as beer, wine and champagne. In Eastern Europe and Russia they drink Kvass from stale bread, in Mexico they love Tepache, a drink made from fermented pineapple. So now there is our own polder variant: apple bubbles! Easy to make with with Dutch apples.


This box contains:

  • A glass jar
  • A cleesecloth
  • An elastic band
  • PH test strip
  • Spice mix ‘Bubble – sparkling herbs’: sugar, cinnamon, fennel seeds and cardamom.