RotPot Add-on - Ginger
RotPot Add-on - Ginger


RotPot Add-on - Ginger

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To make fermenting at home even easier, Sanne van Keukenboeren has developed the RotPot. With the RotPot you can make the tastiest products with few resources as a real home laboratory worker. After the sauerkraut and kimchi variety with which you can ferment vegetables, there is now the first beverage version: RotPot Bubbels.

 By fermenting ginger, the ginger bug, is created. You always add a little ginger bug to a new amount of ginger lemonade to make your own sparkling ginger beer.

To make this refreshing ginger drink you need the contents of RotPot glass jar and a cheesecloth.

This add-on contains:

  • Spice mix ‘Bubble – Ginger’: lemon zest, licorice, chamomile, fennel seed