Paperblanks Notebook Midi Lined Gossamer Grey
Paperblanks Notebook Midi Lined Gossamer Grey
Paperblanks Notebook Midi Lined Gossamer Grey


Paperblanks Notebook Midi Lined Gossamer Grey

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In the early 1900s, the textile industry underwent a revolution as new synthetic fibres were introduced. Reproducing a fine example of French fabric, our Gossamer Grey journal cover has a timeless look of haute couture elegance while suggesting the possibilities afforded designers with the advent of these new manufacturing techniques. 

Whetherrecording your thoughts, desultory jottings, scattered ideas, (in)coherent memories, (un)spoken arguments, (un)fledged philosophies or the most well-wrought strategies, Paperblanks delivers. It boasts an incredibly rich assortment of writing ware that amalgamates art, imagination and function.

Paperblanks are celebrated for their grade A quality and unparalleled designs, veiled in mystery and glimmering touches. At the heart of everything they create is their steadfast belief that art matters and that the people who contribute to its creation should be lavishly appreciated for their work. At Paperblanks, they take painstaking care with every detail of the creative process, from the individual product components to the well-being of the craftspeople lace them together. The brand is furthermore committed to conscientious manufacturing practices in terms of environmental responsibility as well as social well-being. The resulting products are destined to be functional art objects we can all feel good about using, purchasing, giving and owning.

• 144 lined pages
• Wrap enclosure
• Gusseted pocket
• Paper 120 gsm, acid-free and sustainable
• Page marker
• Dimensions: 13 x 18 cm