Openhartig - Vuurwerk
Openhartig - Vuurwerk


Openhartig - Vuurwerk

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Christmas and New Year's Eve bring friends and family together. The moment for candid fireworks! After all the traditions, abundant meals and pleasant gathering, it is now time for something new. Give yourself, your friends and family a different look at the holidays. These questions and assignments offer you the opportunity to share wishes, ideas and intentions with each other and thus ensure sparkling and pleasant moments. Take one of the 102 challenges from the twinkling party box, such as: If you were to win a million in the year-end lottery, what would you do with it? Look at your group and close your eyes after ten seconds. Now tell with your eyes closed what everyone in the group wears for clothes. When you're done, open your eyes and see if it's right. If you wanted something for the person to your right, what would it be? Now make a toast to this company. What are you going to say? Candid Fireworks ensures dazzling holidays and a festive New Year. This festive game is suitable for players aged 7 and older. Happy Holidays!

This game is in Dutch

- Content: over 100 questions and assignments
-7-99 years, 2 or more players