My Bullet Journal - White Flowers

My Bullet Journal - White Flowers

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The basis for a bullet journal is an empty notebook with dotted paper. A bullet journal has a fixed basis that you can further personalize afterwards. Some people spend an awful lot of time personalizing their bullet journal and decorating it with hand letters, doodles, complicated diagrams and drawings ... you can, but of course you don't have to. The more you do with your journal, the more proficient you become.

Who is a bullet journal for?

-For people who leave lists lying around everywhere.
-For people who like pen and paper.
-For people who set goals and track their progress.
-For people who keep track of habits in a log.
-For people with a plan.
-For anyone who would like to have a plan or want more order in their life.
-For anyone who would like to keep a diary or agenda.

'My bullet journal' comes with a separate instruction booklet to get you started and a few reading ribbons to quickly find your favorite pages.

ISBN: 9789045322520
Authors: Various authors
Binding method: Paperback
Extra: 260 pages