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Ciak Midi Lined Black-White
Ciak Midi Lined Black-White
Ciak Midi Lined Black-White


Ciak Midi Lined Black-White

While globalized and standardized production has become the absolute norm, Ciak stays true to its history by insisting on traditional Florentine craftsmanship and work ethics. Therefore, the Made in Italy mark adorning every Ciak cover is not only a distinction of prestige, but also a mark of quality and added value.

Ciak not only adheres to authenticity and tradition, it also makes substantial pledges for a more sustainable future by committing to copious eco-friendly standards, recycled, acid-free, chlorine-free and neutral pH paper, responsible forest management certificates and clean energy usage by using only renewable sources. In addition, the cover is made of regenerated leather. 

Ciak notebooks feature:
-A flexible yet strong, water resistant and crushproof cover;
-A horizontal elastic band that can serve as a pen or business card holder;
-224 pages of certified ecological paper;
-A ribbon bookmark;
-12 x 17cm.