RotPot - Kimchi
RotPot - Kimchi
RotPot - Kimchi


RotPot - Kimchi

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RotPot is a complete do-it-yourself kit that allows you to make the tastiest kimchi at home through fermentation. Ferme ... what? Fermenting! An old preparation technique in which yeasts and bacteria convert the naturally occurring sugars into mild acids.

Kimchi is a Korean fermented, spicy side dish based on Chinese cabbage. Kimchi has become immensely popular in Western Europe. You increasingly come across the product in food trucks and restaurants.

 With the RotPot you can easily make it yourself. Everything you need is in the box. You only add the fresh vegetables yourself. And then you need a little patience because your home-made kimchi is ready to be eaten after just a week.

 Everything you need is in the box, only the fresh vegetables you add yourself.

 This box contains:

  • A glass weck jar
  • A seal
  • Two lids
  • Gloves
  • Salt and spice mix (ground pepper, sugar, dried ginger and garlic)