RotPot Add-on - Ketchup
RotPot Add-on - Ketchup


RotPot Add-on - Ketchup

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Ferment your own ketchup with Spicey Manenwolf's Ketchup Mix.

Fermented tomato sauce is probiotic, super flavorful, low in sugar but above all a super versatile product. Delicious as a ketchup with fries, as a sauce with a BBQ, as a basis for pasta, borscht, or chilled as a probiotic basis for a delicious gazpacho.

 Needed: A glass jar with water seal, like the RotPot.

 This add-on contains:

  • 1 ketchup spice mix "Spicey Mane Wolfs": smoked cane sugar, sea salt, cinnamon, smoked paprika, allspice, chili pepper, cloves.

NOTE: may contain traces of gluten