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999Games Lama
999Games Lama


999Games Lama


This is a very fun and swift card game. Every turn you try to discard a card, otherwise you will get negative points. If you can't play a card you have to decide to pass or to draw a (hopefully good) card. You get minus points in the form of chips. If you manage to get rid of all your cards, you can return a chip. And that may be one of value 1 or value 10. At the end, the player with the least negative points wins! L.A.M.A. is a funny and accessible card game with very simple rules!

The included instructions come in Dutch.

- Contains: 56 cards, 70 chips
- Box measures 12,3 x 9,7 x 2 cm
- 2 - 6 players, age 8-99, playtime is 20 min