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My Secret Diary Universe
My Secret Diary Universe


My Secret Diary Universe

Space out by pouring your soul into this lovely diary to order your thoughts and soothe the mind. Hide your most intimate thoughts and lock out snoopy outsiders like sly siblings or prying parents. Above all, jotting down your emotions and thought patterns entails copious mental and organizational benefits. The habit of writing cultivates the ability to plan more effectively, reflect, introspect, evaluate past experiences and to detect negative thinking loops so you can shortcircuit before they construct their own narrative and reality. Heavy stuff aside, this Legami-designed diary also simply allows you to revel in a pang of nostalgia by indulging in the romantic teen trope of keeping a journal and locking your secrets behind a beautifully embellished cover.

-Measures 11 x 15.5 x 2.5 cm
-328 pages of decorated, unlined, FSC certified paper
-Ribbon page marker
-Includes a metal padlock